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Love the real estate industry? Why not become a REALTOR®? Licensed members in Alberta belong to the Canadian Real Estate Association, the Alberta Real Estate Association, and are members of local real estate boards like FMRA. They also love their job and meeting new people. Becoming a REALTOR® is easier than you think; becoming a successful REALTOR®p; requires education and dedication.

Benefits of Becoming a REALTOR®

Being a REALTOR® is a rewarding job. The freedom to work at your own pace, while changing lives is a benefit in itself. The industry is versatile, so you can work at an independent or large brokerage. REALTORS® can branch out and advance within the industry. You also have the flexibility to target any demographic, property type, location, or client. From first-time home buyers to luxury homes, the spectrum of choices in real estate, leads to numerous opportunities for you. REALTORS® set their own goals based on their abilities and willingness to work. As a result, their income emulates their hard-work and dedication. A successful REALTOR® must keep up- to-speed on the current industry trends, information sharing and technology.

Becoming a REALTOR®

To become a certified REALTOR®, you must receive your license. Resources such as the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) offers pre-licensing and re-licensing education. For eligibility, candidates must be a minimum of 18 years of age, proficient in English, with a High School Diploma and possess a current Criminal Record Check. Copies of their documentation must be sent to RECA. To begin, future REALTORS® must take the complimentary online session, Real Estate Career Information Session found on the RECA website. For more information on course material, costs or other courses visit RECA's website.

About Real Estate Brokerages

Real Estate Associates have ties to a brokerage. While some are simply associated, other associates are registered with their brokerage and employed by them. Depending on their location, they are licensed to trade in their corresponding province. Two years after receiving their certification, an associate may take the Real Estate Brokers Program to become a broker.

Similar to an associate, a Real Estate Broker is accredited to trade on behalf of a brokerage; however, they can also operate a brokerage. Individuals who have the same education as a real estate broker, but cannot operate a brokerage, are known as Real Estate Associate Brokers.

Real Estate Appraisers

Whether its a home, land or business, they are all worth something. To efficiently trade a home, you need a Real Estate Appraiser to determine their values. Programs to become an appraiser take approximately five years each.

Keep Learning

As the real estate industry evolves, so does your knowledge. Even experienced REALTORS® take more training and courses. The industry provides a life long careers with many paths. For more information visit the AREA website or contact us at FMRA to learn more.